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Sustainability reports are not just prestigious documents for companies. These reports transparently show that companies are aware of their responsibilities for the environment, economy and society and are constantly improving themselves in this direction. Sustainability reports are also reliable sources of information for academia, government agencies and the industry.

When I was the CEO of Akçansa Cement in 2012, Akçansa published the first ‘Sustainability Report’ of the cement sector in Turkey. This was an important step not only for the cement industry but also for the entire industry. Over time, many companies have progressed on this path.

And now, June 2020, HeidelbergCement has just published “Sustainability Report 2019“. I highly recommend all sector stakeholders to browse this report.

The Sustainability Report 2019 highlights important topics and challenges for HeidelbergCement in its drive for sustainable development. Readers also learn about the successes and aims of corporate sustainability management, as well as the company’s activities in the arena of environmental protection, employees, workplace safety and social responsibility. 

For further information please visit https://www.heidelbergcement.com/en/sustainability-report

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